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Chase Allen (Canada ICI)

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who discusses billions of dollars as casually as today’s guest. He’s worth listening to. A few years ago, he oversaw his employer’s expansion into Manitoba, and now he manages an office that is involved in many of our province’s most prominent real estate ventures. In our conversation, we get into the nuts and bolts of real estate financing, as well as how to approach expanding into a new market.

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Jason Evaristo (The Handsome Daughter)

A lot of the people I interview for this show are seasoned vets, often near the top of pretty substantial organizations. And I’m happy about that, because we can learn a lot from people with that level of experience. However, I’m equally interested in hearing from business leaders “working in the trenches”, so-to-speak. There’s a lot to learn from entrepreneurs who are involved with the ground-level aspects of their business on a daily basis. Today’s guest is like that.

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Kevin Donnelly (True North Sports & Entertainment)

You won’t want to miss this. The interview you’re about to hear was a fun one. Our guest came up working with Sam Katz. Now he works for what is probably the most beloved corporation in Manitoba. Our entire province benefits from his work in a huge way, and yet I bet most people in it will not know his name. The conversation is also unique because we get to hear a true expert’s take on the business aspect of show business.

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Mariette Mulaire (WTC Winnipeg)

Today’s guest represents Winnipeg businesses and its business environment on a global scale. She is another person whose name has come up repeatedly in my conversations with local entrepreneurs. Her organization’s job is to facilitate international partnerships for local businesses, and by all accounts they seem to do that well. In the interview, I try to dig into how that works.

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Dave Angus (Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce)

Today’s guest is one of Winnipeg’s most influential business leaders. His name comes up repeatedly in my conversations with business owners and CEOs throughout the city as an example of someone with strategic, long-term vision and the ability to execute on that vision. In the interview we discuss his story as well as the shifting landscape for businesses in Manitoba today.

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Sandy Shindleman (Shindico)

Our interview guest today is a giant of Winnipeg’s business community, and yet when he began his business endeavours as a teenager in the city 40 years ago, he was a complete unknown. In the conversation, we discuss what happened during those 40 years, what the future holds, and what his advice would be for any young unknowns setting out to replicate his success.

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For the past several months, I’ve been playing reporter. Armed with a digital recorder from the pawn shop down the street, a shamelessly persistent cold-email campaign, and the same insatiable curiosity I’ve always had, I have set about interviewing some of Manitoba’s most impressive business leaders and entrepreneurs.