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Brett Zahari (Bronuts)

Today’s guest runs a donut empire with his family and friends. Well… maybe not an empire, per se, but they are definitely getting there. A few years ago they started up a small donut shop in the Exchange, and they could not keep up with the market’s insatiable demand for tasty donuts. They consistently had lines running out the door and around the block. I hope you enjoy our chat!

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Fiona Webster-Mourant (Manrex)

Today’s interview features a woman who took over her father’s international business and grew it ten times. They operate in a very unique niche, and we dig into the details of their product and approach.

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Noel Bernier (Hermanos, Carnaval, Prairie 360, and more)

Today’s guest used to work in the propane business. It’s more fascinating than you’d expect. Since then, though, he’s opened several of Winnipeg’s most popular and unique restaurants. He is both passionate and calculated when it comes to the business of food, and that shines through in our conversation. I hope you enjoy it!

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Gareth du Plooy (Shopify and more)

You’re about to hear me “geek out” a little bit. Longtime listeners will know that I’m a software developer and that I have a business which develops custom software. Today’s interview guest has accomplished what every software business person aspires to: building cool stuff that lots of people use, and getting bought out for a bunch of money.

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Ashok Dilawri (The Dilawri Group)

Several years ago, an immigrant came to North America for school. He eventually chose to live in Winnipeg, bought an ailing car dealership, and turned it around. Now he owns seven of the most successful dealerships in the city.

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Obby Khan (Shawarma Khan, Green Carrot Juice Company)

Today’s guest used to be a pro athlete. Now he runs two separate restaurant chains, with over 60 employees, and still growing steadily. In our conversation, we talk about why he got into that business in the first place, and all the challenges facing the food services industry.

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For the past several months, I’ve been playing reporter. Armed with a digital recorder from the pawn shop down the street, a shamelessly persistent cold-email campaign, and the same insatiable curiosity I’ve always had, I have set about interviewing some of Manitoba’s most impressive business leaders and entrepreneurs.