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For the past several months, I’ve been playing reporter. Armed with a digital recorder from the pawn shop down the street, a shamelessly persistent cold-email campaign, and the same insatiable curiosity I’ve always had, I have set about interviewing some of Manitoba’s most impressive business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Manitoba is a precious setting for this sort of project. Forbes and Fortune will never touch it; it’s pure fly-over country. Cold, barren, mosquito-riddled fly-over country. And yet, the companies built here have stories that could rival any other:

  • The cell phone salesman who turned his grandfather’s mechanical drawings into a multi-million dollar business.
  • The statistics student who went on to make jeans for Victoria Beckham.
  • The young CEO who rescued his family’s business when disaster struck, leading them to the top 3 in the world for their market.
  • The furniture magnate who was ousted from Canadian diplomatic service by the FBI.

I have always been a lover of stories. But I’m also a student of business, and these people have much to teach. I ask all sorts of questions:

  • How do you manage a global workforce?
  • How did you get your first customer?
  • How does it affect you to lay off large amounts of people?
  • How do you recruit and assess senior management?
  • What sort of marketing activities are important for your business?
  • How is your organization structured?
  • How do you protect a family business from self-destruction?
  • Which trends and opportunities are important?

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