Month: May 2016

Jason Evaristo (The Handsome Daughter)

A lot of the people I interview for this show are seasoned vets, often near the top of pretty substantial organizations. And I’m happy about that, because we can learn a lot from people with that level of experience. However, I’m equally interested in hearing from business leaders “working in the trenches”, so-to-speak. There’s a lot to learn from entrepreneurs who are involved with the ground-level aspects of their business on a daily basis. Today’s guest is like that.

Kevin Donnelly (True North Sports & Entertainment)

You won’t want to miss this. The interview you’re about to hear was a fun one. Our guest came up working with Sam Katz. Now he works for what is probably the most beloved corporation in Manitoba. Our entire province benefits from his work in a huge way, and yet I bet most people in it will not know his name. The conversation is also unique because we get to hear a true expert’s take on the business aspect of show business.