Month: February 2016

Sandy Shindleman (Shindico)

Our interview guest today is a giant of Winnipeg’s business community, and yet when he began his business endeavours as a teenager in the city 40 years ago, he was a complete unknown. In the conversation, we discuss what happened during those 40 years, what the future holds, and what his advice would be for any young unknowns setting out to replicate his success.

Glen Buhler (Manitoba Executive Group)

Today’s guest is a rising star in our business community. In addition to having created, bought, and sold a handful of companies, he has also grown Manitoba’s largest networking group for business executives and organized a giant conference for business executives at the Winnipeg Convention Centre last year. In the interview, we discuss his tenacious approach to business, and the successes—as well as the failures—that have brought him to this point.

Misha Hanin (iRangers)

Our interview guest today has a fascinating story. He grew up in Israel, and worked in several large consulting organizations there before ultimately moving to Winnipeg and starting his own company. He’s built up a substantial IT consulting firm in a very short time, with customers and employees around the world. In our conversation, we get into the nuts and bolts of finding new customers, pricing services, and building a team.

Tyler Gompf (Tell Us About Us, Specialloy, Slot Drain)

Today’s guest built a business with his brother for 15 years before selling it in 2011. Now, they’re at it all over again and seem to be well on track for another success. In the interview, we cover the entire story, along with the whys and hows behind it all. There are several points where we get some insight into their investment strategy, which is both shrewd and refreshing.