Month: December 2015

Amanda Buhse & Tom Jansen (Coal & Canary)

Today’s interview features two guests for the price of one. And, while I don’t intend to diminish their hard work in any way, these guys are the closest thing to an actual overnight success story I’ve ever seen. Just over a year ago, they started making candles together as a hobby. Since then, their candles have been handled by some of the world’s biggest celebrities, and they fill orders for several thousand candles a month. In the interview, I do my best to dig into the mechanics of their breakout success.

Stu Henrickson (Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship – Asper School of Business)

Today’s guest spent the first part of his career earning a position of leadership in banks around the world. He then switched course toward teaching and guiding the next generation of young entrepreneurs in our province as an academic leader. In the interview, we discuss what led him down that path, which lessons he finds most important for young entrepreneurs today, and what the future of entrepreneurship in Manitoba should look like.