Month: November 2015

Dave Reid (formerly EPIC Information Solutions)

Today’s guest spent about 20 years building up his business. He had set a goal to exit the business before he turned 50—and that’s exactly what he did. In the interview, we cover a wide variety of subjects, including the strategy behind his path to a successful acquisition.

Doug Harvey (Maxim Truck & Trailer)

Today’s guest is another incredible Manitoba success story. When he was only 27 years old, he scraped together enough money to purchase a struggling truck dealership with a partner. He turned it around almost immediately, and has since grown the company from one location to 17 across Canada, along with several subsidiaries. Our conversation walks through the entire story, together with what he would call his keys to success.

Polly Craik (formerly FineLine Solutions)

Today’s interview guest has done it all. She inherited a small business and grew it into a much larger one right here in Winnipeg before recently completing its sale to a giant public company in the U.S. In the interview, we dig into the importance of finding a growth market, guiding organizational growth, and what the transition looks like—organizationally and personally—during the acquisition process.

Rick Duha (Duha Group)

Today’s guest runs another huge business that most Manitobans have never heard of. When you go to buy paint at a hardware store anywhere in the world and you look at the paint chips to choose your colour, there is a very good chance those paint chips were created by this company. In our conversation we discuss family business and the challenges in building and overseeing a global enterprise.