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Danny Kleinsasser (Danny’s Whole Hog)

This episode features a business leader that you’ve almost certainly heard of before. If you’re lucky, you’ve had the opportunity to try his product. He’s the definition of a self-made man but he is also the first to credit all the people that helped him get where he is today. Nevertheless, he had a starting point in business that was especially unique, and which came with a lot of challenges. We got to talk about how he made it through some of those challenges and what his advice would be for anyone who’s working their way up.

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Gavin Rich (Richlu Manufacturing)

Today’s episode features the second-generation owner of a family business in the textile industry. I’m not sure how much people know about the history of garment manufacturing in North America and in Winnipeg specifically. But it was an extremely important sector of our economy that’s gone through many changes and this fellow has seen a lot of that firsthand.

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Grant Anderson (Stella’s)

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy eating food. Winnipeg has a fantastic restaurant scene and one of the aspects of it that I appreciate is that it’s not a pretentious scene. There’s a good level of respect between guys who might be slinging burgers from the back of a food truck and the ones who are providing a really refined dining experience. Today’s guest is right in the middle of that spectrum and very well regarded in Winnipeg’s restaurant community for his operational smarts. He runs a local chain of restaurants whose name you will almost certainly recognize and whose food you’ve probably already enjoyed. At any rate, I hope you enjoy this interview.

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Wade Barnes (Farmers Edge)

Today’s guest is another perfect example of why I started this podcast in the first place. He runs an incredible, high-growth, fast-paced technology company with over 100 employees and offices around the world. They’ve raised venture capital from some of Silicon Valley’s most notorious investors, the same people that funded Google and Facebook, and they’re based right here in Winnipeg. I’m willing to bet that only a tiny fraction of you have ever heard of them before.

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Curtis Dery (Powerland)

Today we’re gonna talk to a guy who sells high-tech for a living, and who does it exceptionally well. As VP of Sales, he guided his company through a ten-times growth trajectory, and now he’s setting himself up to do it all again as the CEO of a new venture. I had a ton of fun chatting with him, and I hope you have fun listening.

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Mike Linton (Dufresne Group)

I’m a bit biased for today’s guest, seeing as he’s a fellow engineer and an all-around great person. However, he also has an incredibly sharp mind for business, and we got to dig into some nuts and bolts tactical stuff, which I always love. The guy is a CFO for one of Winnipeg’s greatest home-grown success stories, and he’s been attached to it from the beginning so he was able to share some really valuable insights with us about the importance of establishing good processes in a business. I really enjoyed our time together and hope you do too.

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For the past several months, I’ve been playing reporter. Armed with a digital recorder from the pawn shop down the street, a shamelessly persistent cold-email campaign, and the same insatiable curiosity I’ve always had, I have set about interviewing some of Manitoba’s most impressive business leaders and entrepreneurs.